What is work-life balance?

Work-life balance is finding a method to work that is secure and sustainable while keeping one's health and overall well-being. It also requires reducing the amount of stress associated to one's job.

While in a relationship, it is the capacity to maintain a harmonious balance between your personal and professional lives. It entails having time to spend with the people who are most important to you or on the activities you like outside of work.

What gets in the way?

  • Elusive Demands

Work and life obligations may swell to incredible dimensions very rapidly. Technology overload, irrational work expectations, and plans that eat up personal time, including weekend meetings, are all acknowledged as drivers of stress.

  • Unsupportive relationships

Unsupportive work relationships, disagreeable behavior, or not receiving recognition all contribute to a tough and unproductive work atmosphere. Sometimes this makes people feel like they have to do more to be acknowledged. If you run into this, remember, you owe it to yourself to be the best version of you. Not for the praise or recognition of others, but for your own personal satisfaction. This mindset will allow you to be free from unrealistic expectations.

  • High–stress levels

During difficult times or events, people frequently blame themselves for being weak or incapable of "handling it." Managers in businesses frequently do not grasp the usual path of change or stress-producing circumstances, and they expect staff to return to full productivity immediately after a stressful event. This happened to me on a few occasions.

According to the ComPsych poll, 37% of people believe stress causes them to lose an hour or more of productivity every day. More over, half of those polled said stress causes them to miss at least one day of work each year.


3 Ways to achieve work-life balance

  • Prioritize.

First, decide what matters most to you in life. Everyone will have a different list, so be sure it accurately reflects your priorities and not those of anybody else. Next, set strict limits so you can give these high-priority individuals and activities your undivided attention.

Finally, establish guidelines to keep you on target. If email or internet browsing cause you to lose track of time, then try disabling email notifications and sending replies in batches during the day. You can also use time management tools like Freedom, LeechBlock, or RescueTime if you find yourself idly browsing Facebook or cat blogs when you should be working 😉.

  • Exercise and meditate.

We still find time for the important things in life even when we are busy. We eat. We visit the restroom. We snooze. And yet, when our schedules get busy, one of our most important needs—exercise—is frequently the first to go. Stress can be reduced by exercising. Your body receives a boost of feel-good endorphins from it. According to the Mayo Clinic, it improves your mood and can even deliver a one-two punch by causing you to think more critically.

Puder-York advises scheduling some time each week for self-care activities like exercise, yoga, or meditation. And if you're really pushed for time, start off small with five minutes of morning and evening meditation, some deep breathing exercises for your commute, and other simple practices.

  • Practice Self compassion.

Letting go of perfectionism is one of the most crucial steps to achieving work-life balance.

The pursuit of perfection may have contributed to some success in school and the early stages your career. However, the tension it generates mounts up over time. As your obligations grow, your system and emotional capacity are put under more stress.

Realizing that life isn't always simple is vital. Everyone has difficulties, and you won't always do things "perfectly." You may make a change toward a more compassionate growth-and-learning attitude to work and life by realizing this reality. This may enhance a feeling of equilibrium.

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Colleen x La Vance


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