"I honestly feel like this is the new foreplay...😊"

Latesa (Kansas City)

  • Jay x Jenna

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    This game has an air of mystery and boundary pushing... When you're in a relationship for a while it can get comfortable and safe, but sometimes you lose that bit of excitement. It gave us the spice and spontaneity we needed... We played it every day... We got to the point where we would just draw a flirt card, daily, just to surprise each other with a flirt.

  • Aashni

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    What I love about this game is you can make it as conservative or as flirty as you want... I learned new things about my partner's childhood. There were questions I never thought to ask.

  • Terry x Mark

    This was different than most card game we're used to. Some of the questions asked made us laugh... they seemed so far fetched. Mark is competitive and I'm not... I love this game because we both enjoyed it!

  • couple playing wooyourboo flirtatious at the mall

    Kyle x Mary

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    The part that surprised me is there's an extra card to grab (flirt card) whether you win or lose the first question. It adds a more interactive element... It also motivates you to flirt like you did at beginning.

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  • couple playing wooyourboo flirtatious

    Raj x Jay Jay

  • Adara x Michael

  • Colleen x La Vance

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