Love... What other word can be used to describe food, sports, pets, spouses, siblings, parents and shoes. Since the term can be used to describe affection for many things we will focus on two Greek words for love, Agapē and Eros. Agapē pronounced ah-gah-peh) is the love that Disney and Hallmark have made millions from. Agape is a selfless, unconditional love that ensures through any circumstance. Agape Love is not emotions, attraction, and feelings, but a decision to act lovingly even when you don’t feel like it. 

This type of love requires commitment and sacrifice without expecting anything in return. Eros, on the other hand, is the love that songs are made of. It is the love that makes your heart race and keeps you on the phone to 4 o’clock in the morning. It is the chemistry, the intimacy, and physical attraction shared between two people. In order to have a thriving relationship you need both types of love.

Here are some of the ways you can express this love in your relationship.


  • Put Effort into the Things that Used to be Effortless.

At the beginning of our relationships we put in so much effort picking the perfect outfit and finding the perfect gifts so we can impress our Boo. Then after a bit of time goes by we tend to get comfortable and familiar and those things stop happening. Well not anymore! It’s time to put on the make-up, spray on the cologne and lace up your dress shoes.  You may not have anything planned this evening and that’s ok. The important thing is your partner seeing you putting in the effort to please them. 

  • Keep Dating Your Boo

Life was always busy but now it’s super strange and busy because of all the things that 2020 has brought us.  We may not be able to go out to a restaurant or movie and that’s ok. If you can remember the beginning of your relationship, all you needed was a place to be together. So go for a walk, order something from your favorite restaurant (after you put the kids to bed), and create a Woo. Make it a priority to spend quality time with each other.

How to love your partner


  • Speak the Truth in Love

“Truth without love is abuse. Love without truth is enablement”  - Steve Thomason. Sharing the truth with your Boo in a loving way can strengthen the foundation of your relationship as well as create a safe space for vulnerability. My Boo loves to hold me accountable for things I said I’d do which helps me remember to be a man of my word. This not only serves me at home but at work and other areas of my life. Sharing the truth in love is both beneficial to the sharer and receiver as it builds and strengthens character. The reality is it’s difficult to find good relationships without people of great character. 

  • Forgiveness

As discussed in a previous article, forgiveness is surrendering the right to get even with your Boo when they hurt you. You are not abandoning your boundaries or self-respect. Forgiving somebody is one of if not the most difficult things to do. We encourage you to have the tough and uncomfortable conversations and be honest about the hurt you may have experienced.  Forgiveness is necessary to strengthen our love. It helps us to walk with an attitude of grace which ultimately serves our wellbeing.

WooYourBoo is about keeping your Relationship First. Research shows we’re the happiest and most fulfilled when we excel at our close and intimate relationships. That’s why we recommend consistently having fun with your boo as well as learning how to successfully navigate the inevitable rough patches. And we’d love to be a companion along your journey.

With love, 

Colleen x La Vance


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