Everybody needs mommy: the kids, the daddy, the boss, the sister, her mother, the dog the list is endless, but the one person mommy needs that she has completely forgotten about is herself. I get it, life is crazy busy, the to-do list looks like Santa’s wish list and the majority of your daily tasks aren’t even on the list. And let’s not forget life over the last 8 months, I think it’s safe to say for most of us 2020 has been filled with uncertainty and tumult.  Between politics, social unrest and of course the current global pandemic, this year has been exhausting.  Now more than ever it is so important we take care of ourselves, not just for ourselves but also for those we love.  

Before our new COVID lives my girlfriends and I would take a trip together once or twice a year. This was a time without any lists, obligations or guilt and it was wonderful! I have zip lined across canyons, napped in 2 star hotels and hunted down $5.00 designer gems on clearance racks and it was sensational! I would come back home feeling motivated and recharged for about a week, but if I’m being honest 8 days or relaxation didn't make up for 357 days of exhaustion. It is so important to be intentional about taking care of ourselves.  If you were on a plane and the oxygen masks fell down, whose mask do you need to put on first? Exactly, ladies we have to put on our masks first for anyone else in the house to stand a chance. These are some of the lifestyle habits the world’s healthiest, happiest, longest living populations engage in that I know we can incorporate into our daily lives. 

However, for a quick review, here are just 3 self care tips you can do right now.


Get Physical

I know most of you are thinking weight training and 5k runs and high intensity training. While those things are great forms of exercise there are so many other options like gardening, walking with a girlfriend, climbing hills.  Find ways to incorporate natural movement into your daily routine. No matter what you choose, make it enjoyable. 

Socially Network with a Purpose

If COVID has taught us anything it is that we were not meant to be alone. Social connectedness is vital to our well being. It is so important to invest time and effort into meaningful relationships and not treat them as an afterthought.

Stress Management

It is important to be cognizant of the stress we face and intentional about managing it.  Doing things like napping, praying, limiting screen time and going to happy hour with fiends (you can do this virtually as well).

Ladies it’s time to take self care more seriously and put ‘you’ back on the list of things to take care of. Be deliberate about including yourself in your weekly routine. It doesn’t have to be a grand event, facetime a friend or start a new podcast, just start saying yes to you.

With love, 

Colleen x La Vance


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