THIS WOODATE CHANGED OUR RELATIONSHIP (Or at Least How I Think About Wooing Colleen...)

THIS WOODATE CHANGED OUR RELATIONSHIP (Or at Least How I Think About Wooing Colleen...)

First, let me give you some background about this Woo idea. I did this for my wife a few years ago and she swears this was the best idea I’ve come up with. I debated her on this topic by recalling several other Woo’s that were equally impressive. We’ll, If you’re wondering who won the debate….Her! 🤦🏾‍♂️ Will I ever learn? Probably not...

What is a Woo?

A Woo is date night or romantic suggestion that is unique, creative & outside the box. It takes into account how your boo enjoys being loved by you. For example, Colleen (my wife 😜 ) enjoys thoughtful gifts. Wooing is how you keep the fire burning in your relationship. 

If you don't know, now you know... (in the words of Biggie).


Without further ado...

This Woo difficulty level is intermediate. It’s called The Gift Card Scavenger Hunt.

Step 1

Take some time and listen to the indirect queues your Boo has dropped about things they want. Purchase 5 gift cards, all ranging in value. While your Boo is outside the house, place the gift cards randomly throughout the house (park, backyard, restaurant etc. ) with clues on the back that lead to the location of the next card.

Step 2

Make sure the clue on the last gift card leads to something special for the day. It could be a shopping spree (using the gift cards of course). Or you could reward your Boo with a massage and reveal the last gift card afterwards. Whatever you choose make sure it’s the crescendo to the entire experience, one where you Boo will say “That was the best idea ever!”

If you’d like more ideas like this download our app. 👇🏾

With love,

La Vance + Colleen


p.s. If your relationship isn’t fun, you’re not doing it right!


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