Remember what it was like when you and your boo started dating? You couldn’t get enough of each other. Everyday you’d look for a reason to call or hang out with your boo. You couldn’t get them off your mind. Everything was new and exciting, you even contemplated the idea that this person could be the “one”. This wonderful stage of your relationship is called the honeymoon phase and it can be a thrilling adventure. 

Then it happens. You finally settle into each other after getting to know one another really well (or so you think). You’ve done everything together; you’ve met each other's friends and family and it’s at this point the novelty of your relationship starts to wear off. Things are good but they aren’t as exciting as they were when you first met. The phone calls, the text messages and all the other little things you did which were new and exciting, are no longer new thus less exciting.

That is why it is important to continue learning about your boo so you can grow together. Depending on how long you’ve been in a relationship you may feel like you know all there is to know about your partner. But that’s not true because people constantly change; their thoughts, desires, experiences and needs force them to. Many relationships start to break down because being together does not feel as natural or easy as it did in the honeymoon phase. This could be for a number of reasons, but the main reason is life.

No matter who you’re in a relationship with, life will inevitably create circumstances where you will have to continue choosing each other over and over again. This is where the power of date night comes in. It’s a tool that allows you to recreate and build upon your first experiences with your boo. However, these date nights can’t be your typical dinner and a movie. According to research date night must be consistent with an element of novelty for both of you to be satisfied in your relationship.

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Strengthen Your Commitment

There are so many competing priorities in your life (kids, work, interests) which could cause you to put your relationship on the back burner, if you let it. Carving out time for your boo shows how committed you are to the relationship and gives them confidence about your unique bond. Our core value at WooYourBoo is “Relationships First”. We believe putting your boo first gives you the greatest advantage for a happy and lasting relationship.

Remove the Mundane

If you’re like most couples, after the first couple years of being together, things can become a little monotonous. This drains a relationship because as humans we are wired for adventure. Giving your relationship something new and exciting to look forward to is like a kid staring at presents under the tree on Christmas Eve. These positive emotions will make you feel more connected to your boo and as stated by Suzanne & James Pawelski in their book Happy Together - “...the more you continually kindle positive feelings in your relationships, the more connected and happy you feel overall”.

Improve Your Sex Life

Who doesn’t want to continue improving their sex life? In one of our blogs we talk about how sex is the most sacred and intimate act you can do with someone and when it’s done right it can actually help deepen your connection. So, the more meaningful time you spend with your boo the more connected you’ll feel. And the more connected you feel the more attractive your boo becomes. This heightened attraction not only puts you in the mood, ( Bow Chicka Wow Wow) it also improves the quality of sex.

Date Nights are the adventure your relationship needs to keep the passion burning deeply.

With love, 

Colleen x La Vance


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p.s. If you and your boo aren’t having fun you’re not doing it right. 

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