How many times has your boo said they feel like they are competing for your time or attention? How many times has this been true?  Our romantic relationships are the only relationships where we give our whole selves - soul, mind, and body. It is the most exclusive relationship we have. If we don’t choose to make our romantic relationship our top priority we will inevitably experience drift among other issues. Now, if you are just starting out or are in the newer stages of your relationship all you probably ever think about is your boo and ways to make them happy. It is so important that you remember these feelings as well as how you intentionally engage your Boo. Because keeping each other first may not be this natural or easy after the first couple years of your relationship. 

Why should you put your Boo First?

It’s The Best Chance You Have at Being at a Successful Relationship
Nothing worth having was ever achieved without effort” - Theodore Roosevelt 

We all know to be successful at anything worthwhile takes great energy. However, many of us walk into relationships relying on the excitement that a new connection brings to sustain us through our future; often without planning for its success. We create checklists of items to achieve throughout our partnership: buying a house, having kids, or merging bank accounts, but we rarely have plans to make our relationship succeed. Planning involves intentionally finding ways to enhance and improve your relationship. That may look like a monthly counselling session, not because things are broken, but because you’re preventing things from breaking. One thing my wife and I do is read a chapter of the Bible together every Wednesday. It’s great because we’re intentionally growing in our faith together. What do you and your Boo consistently do together to intentionally strengthen and grow your relationship?

Why You Need to Put Your Romantic Relationship First

You’ll Get More Out of Your Romantic Relationship

t’s unwise to expect a fruitful relationship when you’re not consistently tending to it. In a previous article we likened relationships to a garden. You don’t need to do anything for weeds and bramble to grow, however, you have to intentionally sow seed, dig up weeds and clean up fallen vegetation for your garden to thrive. It’s obvious to most that this behavior is necessary to have a flourishing garden. So it is with your relationship with your Boo. Currently you may be sowing some seeds, but how do you know whether it’s enough seed or the right type? Here are some examples of things you can do to tend the garden of your relationship.

You’ll Be an Inspiration to Others

No, we shouldn’t live out our relationship to please others. However, we need to be aware that there are people close to us - friends, family, children, who are watching us regardless if we want them to or not. As humans we naturally look for models of success around us and searching for examples of successful relationships is top of the list. You and your Boo have the privilege to show onlookers what it looks like to work at something you’re both passionate about - each other. This is your gift to those close to you, especially if you have children. It’s important for them to see you be loving and affectionate toward one another as it’s pivotal to their development.

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